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Or, you might know of current sexual abuse, possibly involving child pornography that must be stopped.

Talking about sexual abuse is hard, especially when you care about the people involved.

We can help you find specialized help, including reporting options, for everyone involved.

Keys to Prevention Warning Signs Learning about the warning signs that could indicate an adult is at risk to abuse a child can give you the opportunity to take preventive action.

Finding allies – other trusted adults or professionals – can help you figure out what is needed to address the situation and prevent harm.

If you’re not sure if the behaviors that worry you are significant, seek guidance from professionals or organizations with relevant expertise, or talk to other trusted adults who are close to the situation.

Safety Planning It’s important to plan for safety when concerned about an adult’s behaviors.

Treatment and Recovery Most often adults who struggle with sexual thoughts and impulses related to children require professional help.

Specialized treatment focuses on learning strategies for stopping abusive behavior, being accountable and taking responsibility for harm done.


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  2. Welcome to the Phoenix Police Department's Adult Sex Crimes Cold Case Squad. The Adult Sex Crimes Cold Case Squad is responsible for any sexual assault.

  3. This research investigated sexual fluidity in attractions and sexual identity and associations with sexual orientation dimensions and sexual identity development.

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