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You don’t need to wait until you’re sure that abuse has occurred to step in.

Many people who sexually abuse children want to stop, but feel there is nowhere to turn for help.

Learning how to talk about your concerns can help protect a child in your life and make a huge difference in the life of an adult who needs help.

We can help you find the right words for a helpful conversation.

As nearly 85% percent of sex abuse cases are never reported, it is never a good idea to depend on the registry alone to protect children.

Find information below on how the registry works and how to use it effectively.

Filing a report can result in holding the person who is abusing accountable and getting them treatment so that they will be able to stop abusive behaviors.

(For more, see Chapter 6, "Sex Offender Risk Assessment," and see Chapter 8.

First, the development of effective prevention strategies is contingent on having credible knowledge about the underlying causes of sexual offending and victimization.

Without credible etiological knowledge, prevention efforts are likely to be haphazard and inefficient.

he etiology of adult sexual offending refers to the origins or causes of sexually abusive behavior, including the pathways that are associated with the behavior’s development, onset and maintenance.

Even though questions about the causes of sexual offending have been asked for many years, they remain important today, primarily because definitive answers have been exceptionally hard to find.


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