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I certainly understand if a newly grieving woman is put off by a fellow widow chronicling her supernatural reunion with her deceased husband; it can feel forced, unfamiliar and devoid of actual advice.But Anne Marie Higgins approaches this concept from a scientific perspective in which works to relieves any disconcertion.Victoria Zackhem compiled so that grievers can collectively reflect and guffaw over those ridiculous, morbidly hysterical parts of death that they were too miserable to recognize as it was happening to them. To be privy to someone's personal grief is one of the most intimate exchanges in the human experience.Sometimes a widow's account is existential, poetic, and sometimes its a morbid but acutely honest observation.

So, you can’t necessarily talk to someone who has been through something similar and know for sure that the path they found through it will also be yours."Despite an author's good intentions, self-help books can sometimes have an unintendid effect of being too idealistic and end up making readers feel like they're the only ones who can't get their lives together after tragedy.

I feel irritated by your absence, I'm not quite sure what to do wit...

Everyone has had their share of good and bad dates.

Joyce Carol Oates lets us know in Carole Radziwill embraces both the gut wrenching grief that is widowhood, as well as the euphoric salvation that comes with realizing you're ready to move on.

The Real Housewife of New York writes of a fictional character exploring all the good, bad and ugly on her quest for new love in Most books for widows focus primarily on advice for the bereaved to move forward and less so on how to regard the deceased.


  1. And yes, she's even managed to publish a book The Widow's Guide To Sex & Dating, win three EMMYs, and even score a Peabody Award!

  2. Carole Radziwill, author of “The Widow's Guide to Sex & Dating” Anna Gunselman. In February, anyone can get between the covers with a.

  3. Real Housewives of New York" star Carole Radziwill will discuss and sign copies of her new book, "The Widow's Guide to Sex & Dating," at.

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