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Read more » by Courtney Peters Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma “I teach people about sex.” This is how I used to approach the situation when asked about my profession.I quickly realized that this statement elicited some very strange looks and many unwanted replies.One for every penile reference could definitely get me a dollar menu…Read more » by Laura Deitsch Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Laura Deitsch On a Saturday night in late August 1984, my best friend was babysitting at her regular gig.

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Half of the trafficking cases in cantinas arose in Houston, Texas, a city near the Mexican border with a large Latino population, Polaris said in a study tracking calls to its trafficking hotlines from over the past decade.

Read more » Daniela Vallez by Daniela Vallez Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains When I tell people what I do, people usually are quick to tell me their story about how they never had a class on sex education, or they explain how awkward it was.

When I ask them why it was so awkward, they usually… by Niala Terrell-Mason Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest Niala Terrell-Mason I teach sex ed because someone has to.

Read more » Looking for further your academic studies in human sexuality? If we missed any, send a note to [email protected]Sex Ed and we’ll update and repost!

GRADUATE and UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS American Academy of Clinical Sexologists North Miami, FL Ph. – pastoral clinical sexology Prepares students for sex therapy certification in Florida (a requirement in…


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