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Read more » As a page administrator for the CSE, I am made privy to some stats about the page, in particular, who is visiting. Of those female-identified individuals, the majority are between the ages of… Hoffer MS, Ph D, Ed D The path to my career as a sex educator is clearer in retrospect than it was when I first set out on it!

I read to them, held their hands when we crossed the… Of the 459 people “liking” us, 74% are female-identified, and 21% are male-identified.

Read more » By Matthew Lowe Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts Matthew Lowe I teach Sex Ed because the Sex Ed classroom is the only secular educational space in which a student’s development as a whole person is directly addressed.

If human sexuality were purely scientific, the biology teacher could cover it, right after mitosis and meiosis. Read more » Charlie Glickman by Charlie Glickman Last [month], the Center for Family Life Education (CFLE) hosted the Sex Ed Conference and it was an amazing time!

Read more » by Marty Klein I was recently interviewed by internet safety expert Dr. We had such an interesting conversation I thought I’d write about this myself.

Of course, 700 words can’t possibly cover every aspect of this issue.

When I ask them why it was so awkward, they usually… by Niala Terrell-Mason Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest Niala Terrell-Mason I teach sex ed because someone has to.

I began my professional life as a reproductive biologist and scientific researcher in…

Read more » Mari Foster by Mari Foster Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains If I could have a penny for each time I was introduced to a new way to reference a vagina, I would probably be able to drum up a game of Pac-man.

Overall, hotlines run by Polaris got reports of 201 cases of sex and labor trafficking, involving 1,300 potential victims at cantinas and bars in 20 U. While cases of trafficking in brothels have been the subject of high-profile prosecutions, only a small number of prosecutions have focused on cantinas, mostly in Houston, the report said.

Cases can be hard to investigate and prosecute because traffickers and owners may hide their ownership of cantinas or liquor licenses, and because victims are too scared to testify in court, afraid that traffickers will retaliate by hurting their families, Polaris said.


  1. Pre-moult femaleCarcinus maenasurine was confirmed as a source of putative sex pheromone. The sexual and temporal specificity of bioactivity in pre-moult.

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  3. Sep 8, 2016. NEW YORK Thomson Reuters Foundation - More than 1000 women and girls have been apparent victims of sex trafficking in illicit cantinas in.

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