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Sex offender dating site

But here’s one telling, albeit only suggestive, comparison: The Pew Research Center found that between 20 the proportion of American adults using dating services tripled.

In Britain, attacks related to online dating increased almost six-fold over roughly the same period.

A local council member in Manchester, in the north of England, Leech this year launched a campaign to make online dating companies commit to keeping their users safer.

If the US and UK are experiencing the same trends, then online dating is indeed becoming more dangerous.

Then again, they may not be experiencing the same trends.

In the US, overall incidents of sexual violence have fallen by 63% since 1993, according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.

By contrast, the UK’s Office for National Statistics has recorded an increase in sexual assaults since 2012.


  1. Trump. Dating is an odd site, and not just because it featured a convicted sex offender's smiling face on its homepage. More on that shortly.

  2. Deveau had used dating websites for years, but she told her adult. Match first agreed to screen for registered sex offenders in 2011 after.

  3. Days ago. Papamechail was not just a convicted sex offender Some of those past. convinced she would see him again on Match Group dating sites.

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