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Breaking a sweat together is said to turn up the heat in relationships.What better idea for an adrenaline-pumping date than getting on a catamaran with your loved one and heading two kilometers into the sea?You would have thought that this was a couple dating in hyper-conservative, Taliban-run Kabul and not “cosmopolitan” Chennai.Lest we forget, Chennai is one of the top five cities in India, both in terms of size and population.Let’s get this right: I can have my finger inked and decide who gets to run the country, but I can’t be out with someone holding hands?We have the choice today to swipe right or left—again with that same finger—and decide whom to date, but it all has to be hush-hush?!If that’s how you feel, let me show you another finger!At Jodi365, we understand that young adults like to hang out with friends and meet dates at cinemas, malls, restaurants, cafes, clubs, and other public spaces.

However, that does not give anybody the license to question what a couple’s intentions—whether short-term or long-term—or the extent of their commitment may be.(Upon learning that I was working on this article, a colleague talked about being similarly accosted when he and his then-girlfriend – now wife – were parked by Marina Beach and having some snacks inside his car, with one door open.300 rupees is what he coughed up to the harassing cop, only because he and his girlfriend were not ready to announce their relationship to family and didn’t want the situation to get escalated.) What gives khaki-clad cops, or any self-proclaimed defender of “Indian values,” the right to trample on a couple’s rights to peaceful public assembly?While talk of “dating” may have conservatives in India up in arms about “corrosive western influences,” fact is that the desire for companionship is universal and Indian society has had its own established courtship rituals long before MTV hit our airwaves.For instance, have you not known of children being used as carrier pigeons to ferry love notes between smitten neighbors?We’d rather that they spent time together in the relative comfort and secure environs of such places than be compelled to seek out more private but less-safe options.To that end, here is a compilation of some suitable dating places in and around Chennai that you can go to, hopefully in peace!If you are visiting or live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and are looking for sex, we can get you connected with other adult friends fast.and find sex, as our adult site is the best place you will get it on and find sex online, adult dating, wife swapping, adult personals and more.Returning to the friendly neighborhood policeman: Not content with the polite answers to his questions, he ordered my friend and her partner to leave the beach.When asked on what grounds, he threatened to confiscate their phones to inform their parents. Would you rather have police officers evoke a sense of security among young couples, or be seen as a menace that preys on them and, as is often the case, demands hush money?


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