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When chemistry is there, it can feel impossible to ignore.According to a 2019 study by Illicit Encounters.com, more than half of women have had sex on the first date.But the reality is that the majority of guys — 67 percent of those polled — maintain they absolutely don’t.And that’s a good thing, because it takes two to tango.The values you've been taught about sex can be tough to shake off, especially if you've been raised to believe that sex before the third date, or before you're in an official relationship, or even before you're married is taboo.

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Some commentators credit it with helping singles feel more secure and confident, while others blame it for “ruining romance,” “killing commitment” and contributing to the rise of the hook-up culture. While women generally prefer men around their own age, men are most attracted to 20-year-olds, period.So, if you hook up, don’t worry that you’re agreeing to start an actual, bonafide relationship with this person if that's not what you want. The decision to have sex is a personal one, depending on a variety of factors ranging from how well the first date goes to your own comfort level with early-stage hookups.Whatever you decide, trust it's the right choice, and anyone who questions it isn't worth your time.The truth is that there's no one "right" time to have sex — as long as you and your partner both enthusiastically consent and you're practicing safe sex (condoms, people! Ultimately, the only two people with the power to decide if first-date sex is on the menu are you and your date.But if you're still working through your feelings about it, consider these three reasons why sex on the date can be satisfying, sweet, and seriously steamy.Anyone who would judge you for sleeping with them is a hypocrite.Having sex on the first date means you’ll explore each other’s bodies, experience intimacy with someone new, and hopefully, feel .As the head of Ok Cupid, I worked diligently to untangle many of the misconceptions about finding love on the Internet. That’s why the Daily Mail calls straight women over 45 the “plankton generation” — at the bottom of the romantic food chain.Time magazine editors found the notion of men dating women in their 30s so baffling that they invited 15 experts to explain the phenomenon.This assumption is so prevalent that MTV has an entire show, “Catfish,” devoted to investigating whether people in online relationships are representing themselves honestly to their partners.In one extreme example of an online lie, Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o was tricked a few years ago into virtually dating a woman who never existed.


  1. Sex on the first date often leads to amazing relationships. When chemistry is there, it can feel impossible to ignore. According to a 2019 study.

  2. Swipe right online dating for the real world. Basically, I want someone to have sex with and not much else. could also consider investigating in apps and sites that are more open about their focus on sex, such as Fetlife.

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