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Their emotions are on a never-ending roller-coaster.Most evenings they can't even decide what restaurant they want you to take her to!They even know the benefits of having more sex as an older woman. When she walked into a room you had no choice but to sit up and notice. She didn’t have to prove herself to anyone and she wasn’t looking for anyone’s approval. Her confidence was the most magnetic thing about her.” Shane (31) Perhaps you've tried to make a move on an older woman before and been laughed off as if you were an adorable little boy.If you play your cards right, you could be the one having your mind blown by all these new moves. It's common that younger guys are dismissed as “not man enough” by beautiful older women before they even have the chance to properly introduce themselves.“One of the biggest reasons why younger men like older women is this: life experience. They know things the younger girls can only dream of! Indeed, you'll need to demonstrate masculine qualities to prove that you can handle a fully-grown woman.

We also enjoy a good night out just as much as any other guy our age.

This means you can look forward to less BS, less unnecessary drama and more intellectual conversation on the date.

What's more, it's common for older women to have picked up a couple of tricks in the bedroom.

She knew exactly what she wanted out of life and how to get it. And if there was ever a case where I did, in fact, wonder about what she thought regarding certain things, I could straight-up ask her and she would have an immediate straight-up answer.” – JP (29) With these extra years on the clock comes extra maturity.

An older woman learns the ability to let go of petty arguments.


  1. Luckily, women dating older men report to still enjoying this rare aspect of dating. Older men will open the car door for you and close it, allow you to enter a building first, and pull a chair for you at the restaurant. These gestures are sweet and caring and sets the men apart from the boys. 10. They Know How To Give You Gifts

  2. It’s one of the few age-old sexual stereotypes based on scientifically-proven fact heterosexual men prefer younger women, regardless of their own age. However, a new study into age limits of.

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