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Fox’s version of what has become a hot idea in Hollywood would have had its naked participants date each other on a set in front of a studio audience.

One of the insiders said the pilot description has “overtones of a live sex show.” VH1, the first to bring the concept to fruition in the United States, premieres “Dating Naked” on July 17.

Andreae joined Fox in October, replacing Darnell, the network’s longtime alternative chief.

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But he says being on the show did change the way he approaches relationships.

Herndon says the distance between Atlanta, where he is originally from, and Idaho, where Candace stays, is too much to sustain a relationship — especially now that he is living in Miami.He also says being nude heightens the senses, comparing the experience to when a person removes their shoes and socks, and feels the ground with their bare feet.Being naked forces people to be themselves and thus, allows a person’s personality to truly shine, according to Herndon.When people are clothed and distracted by their cell phones, they are unable to connect with their partner as intimately as they could.He says he felt he was “pillow talking” during his date with Candace because they were fully exposed to one another.On “Riot,” performers worked upon a stage with a steep incline.Former head of alternative TV, Mike Darnell greenlit “I Wanna Marry Harry.” “Riot” was greenlit by Reilly.Herndon was Candace’s last date, which was spent building kites from scratch and dancing on the shore of a secluded beach resort.Candace was wooed by Herndon’s moves and chose him as the person she connected with the most.Then my thoughts flew back to all the exchanges we had: The flirty text messages. When I meet my brother at family gatherings, we both just pretend nothing ever happened.


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