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This game ended up being "My Friend Pedro", a side-scrolling acrobatic platforming shooter lead by Pedro the banana, with heavy inspiration from games like Max Payne and films like The Matrix.The game was very well recieved and quickly spread across the Internet.Score hunting is the name of the game in My Friend Pedro.Each level has its own set of global leaderboards, challenging players to achieve the highest possible score they can.

Things kicking off After the release of 'Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story' Victor decided to carry on the development of a promising Flash game he had put on ice back in around 2007.

Dead Toast Entertainment is not bound to any particular genre or platform and put a high value on creative freedom.

Where it all started Dead Toast Entertainment began back in 2006, when Victor Agren needed a label to release his experimental Flash games under.

After releasing several quirky and unusual titles Dead Toast Entertainment slowly started to establish itself.

But it wasn't until after Victor had worked at Media Molecule for about six years (on Little Big Planet, Little Big Planet 2 and Tearaway) Dead Toast Entertainment would be intended as a full time business.


  1. Jul 20, 2019. Blood, Bullets, Bananas - and a Blast to Play, Switch, My Friend. My Friend Pedro back to its origins - as a Flash-based Adult Swim game.

  2. Charlie A Love Story', a free Flash-game sponsored by Adult Swim Games. And so DeadToast Entertainment is currently working on "My Friend Pedro.

  3. My Friend Pedro with cheats Keyhack J toggle health, K toggle unlimited ammo. "Hello. It's me. Pedro. Your friend. We are going on an adventure. Just you.

  4. Jun 20, 2019. My Friend Pedro is admittedly very on brand for Devolver Digital, and it's no surprise either that it first found life as a Flash short on Adult Swim.

  5. Jun 20, 2019. My Friend Pedro is a violent ballet about friendship, imagination, and one man's struggle to obliterate anyone in his path at the behest of a.

  6. My Friend Pedro Switch & PC. Available on Nintendo Switch & PC! AM -. 2,114 Retweets; 8,521 Likes; Flyingpi.

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