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After continuous outcrys for more, it made sense to turn this small Flash game in to a proper thing.

And so Dead Toast Entertainment is currently working on "My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas" together with publishing partner Devolver Digital.

Score hunting is the name of the game in My Friend Pedro.

Each level has its own set of global leaderboards, challenging players to achieve the highest possible score they can.

Enemies have flimsy AI and don’t pose much threat, and your deaths will mostly be attributed to environmental hazards like bottomless pits.

At the end of each level though, you’ll receive a grade based on how quickly you completed the level, whether you managed to kill every enemy and also an overall point score, based on your performance.

This is a game about stylishly killing enemies in order to rack up points.

The game’s levels are not particularly difficult to get through.

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The game conjures an emotional state which reminded me of Hotline Miami: a confusion over whether the game is meant to be serious and comedic, and a personal introspection about whether game violence is cool, shocking, both, or neither.

Dead Toast Entertainment is not bound to any particular genre or platform and put a high value on creative freedom.

Where it all started Dead Toast Entertainment began back in 2006, when Victor Agren needed a label to release his experimental Flash games under.

While I don’t agree that video games cause violent behaviour, I definitely think that prolonged exposure desensitises players to the depiction of violent acts.

But on the other hand, I think we’ve been able to have much more mature, honest and sobering discussions of violence, precisely because video games are able to represent their impact better than film or prose.


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