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Gay kink reddit

The word “fetish” comes from a Portuguese word for “spell,” which might explain the magical power sexual fetishes have over us.

No matter how “vanilla” your sex life seems, you may have kinky little turn-ons: A lust for briefs, dirty talk, armpit smells or biting—those are pretty standard.

To date, the team has saved more than 100,000 Tumblr blogs.

There’s even a fantasy taxonomy known as the “omegaverse,” where omega “carriers” are impregnated by alpha or beta “seeders.” The fantasy sex can involve “knotting,” where the top’s penis gets so engorged that it gets trapped in the bottom until climax, much like with dogs.

There’s even a lesbian omegaverse where female alphas have female penises.

The skin-like feeling of a big soft balloon — when you’re lying on it, it feels like lying on a cloud.

The lively colors, the sounds of inflation, the smell of high-quality latex and of course the “bounciness” — basically more or less everything about that feeling.


  1. Racism is a concern for many in the western lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT. This also reduces gay Asian men into a category of an object or 'kink' that can be adopted or cast aside at will. An example of Riggs' third form of.

  2. Even if you think you're not kinky, there's a chance your brain might be. And when it comes to. Melancholymelanie via Reddit. Advertisement.

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