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There may not be the same number of apps on offer but the doesn’t mean the UK shouldn’t watch closely to monitor how these services operate.

The stakes could be all the more high in a country where official information is hard to come by.

The first sex offenders register was started in the US more than 100 years ago and a version now exists in most western countries.

The US sex offender register is a publicly available and publicly accessible database that contains all information relating to individuals convicted of a sexual offence, including rape, public nudity, and downloading sexual abuse imagery or illegal pornography.

When did dropping on a pizza become the admission price to a woman's panties?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about greasy food and sexy action.

He responded nearly immediately: "I can come over with pizza and wine."I paused, because I knew "come over" didn't mean chilling on the couch and watching "Broad City." We were going to have sex.

So I formed an experiment: I decided to spend the entire weekend exclusively eating food provided for me by men.

I hoped to discover that there were guys out there who wouldn't think a purchase of food and an hour of acting like a decent person meant I owed them sex. I went out with a couple of girlfriends Friday night.

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An app on offer in the US says it can determine whether the person you are dating has anything to hide, using facial recognition to see if they are on the sex offenders register.


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  2. The app that checks whether your date is a sex offender. it can determine whether the person you are dating has anything to hide, using facial. There's nothing more important to sustaining a free democracy than spreading.

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