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Two main contestants first go on a date with each other, which is typically spent doing a water sport or an arts and crafts project at the Red Frog Marina in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Then, the main contestants go on two separate dates with two more people and later have to choose the person they connected with the most.

However, he says this allowed for a unique bonding experience with his date.

“You have to make them feel like you have their back and they have yours,” he says.

Herndon says his family was concerned with how his appearance on the show would affect his future career, but trusted he would carry himself in a decent manner.Photo courtesy of Marcus Herndon Sofia Galiano/ Staff Writer An engineering student strips down in a new reality show to live out his last summer and possibly find love before starting graduate school at the University.Marcus Herndon, a full-time mechanical engineering major who started at FIU this fall, was a contestant on episode five of VH1’s debut series “Dating Naked.” Herndon says people’s perception of the show may be skewed, assuming the contestants are primarily thinking about sex on their dates since they are completely nude – but to the contrary.But Herndon says the most awkward part of his date was not baring his bottom.He says being surrounded by a team of cameramen and producers was most unconformable because it emphasized the fact that they were dressed and he was not.His friends and others living in Atlanta are big fans of reality shows, so he would always get approached.“I get recognized maybe three times a day,” he says, but not as often as he would back home.Herndon was Candace’s last date, which was spent building kites from scratch and dancing on the shore of a secluded beach resort.Candace was wooed by Herndon’s moves and chose him as the person she connected with the most.If a person is self-conscious about their physical appearance or timid, eliminating those distractions also allows those people to face their discomfort head on.“If it gets awkward you have to live in the moment,” he says.


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