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Dating a sex offender reddit

That has been the case for many years now.” He adds, “Due to his religious beliefs, my biological father has forsaken me.

DG is single with no children, so only his parents and sister have been directly affected.

Now, five-plus years removed from my offense, only two of those people have chosen to stay in touch with me.” He says that since his arrest, “I haven’t had a single day where I’ve met up with someone to watch a ballgame, hang out at the beach, or grab a bite to eat or a drink. DG and ST both admit they have struggled with this, but for different reasons. I seem to think that nobody would want to date me because I am a sex offender.

The fact that I’ve not done anything illegal in 15 years does little to alleviate that shame.

“She’s never judged me through this whole situation, and she definitely doesn’t agree with me being on the registry.” JL says that her relationship with her father, however, has been strained.

“I feel like he thinks a lot about my kids and how they will be affected by this as they get older.


  1. Feb 28, 2010 I've mentioned before on this forum that my next door neighbor is a sex offender and I found out by accident while looking through various links for the state of Tennessee and happened upon the sex offender website. He was convicted 21 years ago but he's been married to his current wife for just three years so she obviously must know all about it.

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