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Cyber sex dating

At that point the question of adultery will no longer be merely theoretical.

You can see this clearly if you stop and think for a moment about the first part of your problem.That’s because “relationship” at any level implies a degree of emotional entanglement.When the heart gets drawn into the web, there’s a greater potential for pathology.Because “virtual reality” is such a new and relatively untested phenomenon, it’s difficult to know exactly what it to different people.How is it perceived and experienced, physically, mentally, and emotionally, on the individual level?It’s true that many “virtual” sexual encounters are kept strictly anonymous. Sometimes participants, egged on by the intensity of their feelings, take the next step by exchanging personal information.When this happens, there is a strong possibility that the affair will eventually take a very real and physical turn indeed.That doesn’t change the fact that “cybersex,” unlike pornography or masturbation, usually involves another human being. This is where “virtual” sexual activity takes participants to a deeper and more troubling level.In some cases, “virtual” technology enables online lovers to live out their passions in a vivid and all-consuming way. To that extent it can’t help but take on a certain “relational” aspect.Even if you had caught your husband in bed with another woman, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you divorce him.Much depends on the degree to which he regrets his actions.


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