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Can sex offenders be on dating sites

Join me in telling the company to start screening for sexual predators on all of their dating platforms.A new investigation finds many free dating apps don’t screen whether users are registered sex offenders.(A similar bill was signed into law in Illinois in 2009 and put on hold in California in 2011.) Late last month, Match.com, e Harmony and the Spark Networks signed a "joint statement of business principles" to attempt to screen out registered sex offenders.First, to the legal concerns: The ACLU filed a lawsuit in response to an earlier version of the Louisiana law, which seemed to apply not only to social networking sites but to , claiming that it was "overbroad" and would infringe upon "free speech rights under the First Amendment." It was already signed into law but was struck down in February on the grounds that it was unconstitutional.Not everyone on there has molested a child or raped someone. Do I have sympathy for Romeo and Juliet cases, those involved in shonky internet stings on over 18 chat rooms and indecent exposure? And that is why I believe we need to have laws based on empirical data, not emotion. I joined an online dating app looking for connection, friendship, and love. I was raped by a man I matched with on a dating site operated by Match Group.A case against him was dropped after that woman died the next year.In a statement, Match Group called the new report by Columbia Journalism Investigations “inaccurate,” adding, “we do not tolerate sex offenders on our site and spend millions of dollars annually to prevent, monitor and remove bad actors from our apps.” But Dunphy said these dating apps need to do more.

She had no idea he was registered as a sex offender with prior rape convictions.

When he was released, he went back on Plenty of Fish looking for more women to attack. Shortly after matching with this man, another woman reported to police that she had been raped by him.

Match Group has created a feeding ground for heinous sexual predators, and we are the bait. I spent weeks of my life searching for his profile.

“Match Group has promised to screen against the sex offender registry list for, specifically, Match.com, but has not extended that to the rest of its apps,” said Hillary Flynn with Columbia Journalism Investigations.

A Match Group spokesperson told her team “there are definitely registered sex offenders on our free products.” “Almost all of these attacks occur on the first date,” Flynn said.


  1. Prisons and Prison Life Why do inmates especially hate child sex offenders? 215,468 Views. Whether or not people can date isn't subject to legal jurisdiction.

  2. Does plenty of 1 8 a dating a north carolina law that barred registered sex offenders. So which sites can sex offenders listed on some type of singles are sex.

  3. Convicted sex offenders aren't allowed to use Instagram. If you've encountered an account that may belong to a convicted sex offender, please report it.

  4. Days ago. It seems that phones are the de facto way to do anything these days. to several women who allege that dating apps and sites like Tinder.

  5. Skip to main content; Skip to "About this site"; Skip to section menu; Switch to basic. An Act respecting the registration of information relating to sex offenders. 2 Subsection 1 does not apply to a sex offender who is required to report to a. 5.1 A sex offender shall, within seven days after the date of the change, notify a.

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