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If we ourselves have caused the fissure, we self-criticize.Either way, we’re grieving a part of us we think we can’t be without.Surprisingly, Baby Boomers are the generation that thinks that making new friends is the easiest (40%) – more so than Gen X and Millennials (both 30%.) While Millennials and Gen X may be tuned into social media, it’s not the same thing as getting out there and making face-to-face chitchat with a potential new pal.Baby Boomers were also more active than the younger generations when it came to making new friends.

Millennials were most likely to go to a bar to seek out someone new.

Carder Stout who specializes in relationships (and frequently contributes to goop—see here).

Here Stout talks about why it’s especially painful to break things off with your former ride-or-die—and how building resilience and shifting your perspective can potentially save a friendship.

And 29% said they had volunteered to look for a chum.

Being friends means showing up – and having enough time to make friends in the first place.


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