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Albert Gonzalez, the criminal hacker behind the thefts, was sentenced to 20 years in prison, longer than any other computer criminal has ever been sentenced in the United States.

Estimated cost: million In 2013, Target announced that hackers had infected the company’s payment card readers and stolen the credit card numbers of 40 million customers.

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And that’s exactly happened to nearly half-a-billion people last year.The breach was exposed when a Russian hacker attempted to sell information from the breach online, but investigators and My Space executives say they still don’t know exactly when the initial hack occurred.Estimated cost: 9 million Linked In might be one of the best places to network for a job, but it might not be a safe place for your personal data.According to the complaint, the defendant operates an online dating site "designed to facilitate discreet adult relationships between individuals and groups who seek to find similar minded adults for sexual encounters." The plaintiff alleges the defendant failed to keep users' confidential information secure and in October 2016, hackers accessed 339 million accounts in the defendant's system. The suit also states 15 million of the affected accounts had been deleted. responsible because the defendant allegedly failed to implement industry-standard measures to safeguard users' personal information and failed to immediately notify its members whose information may have been compromised.The suit states it was the second-largest breach of the 21st century, and roughly 71 percent of the accounts belonged to U. The plaintiff requests a trial by jury and seeks judgment against defendant; certification of the class action; award of actual, compensatory, statutory and punitive damages; disgorgement; restitution; equitable and injunctive relief; attorney's fees; costs; interest; and other relief as may be available.In 2012, the professional networking site told 6.5 million account holders to update their passwords, but it wasn’t until 2016 that the true number of breached accounts was revealed to be 165 million.Linked In account holders are recommended to change their Linked In account password, as well as to seriously consider changing their bank account passwords and credit card numbers.Two months later, the company revealed that the contact information of 70 million more customers had also been compromised.Estimated cost: million If you take a closer look at many of these data breaches, certain patterns begin to emerge.Finally, it’s important to note that while some companies discovered a breach relatively quickly after it occurred (unlike Yahoo, which didn’t discover its breach for 4 years), many did not understand the full extent of the breach until months or years later.It’s important to remember that at Linked In, a breach they first thought had only affected only 6.5 million customers ended impacting 165 million.


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