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Adult find a friend

It isn't impossible but I can admit from experience it definitely feels like it.It requires this persistent patience to take the disappointments that pain you and not give up.Making friends when you're younger just happens naturally. So what do you do if you wake up one morning and realize you don't have any people?

The society we're living in is extremely far from our natural way of existing and living.I've been there and done that and every single time it has gotten me nowhere.It's because you aren't being yourself in interactions and you end up not saying things of value, based on what you really think or feel.I don't doubt you can make REAL friends if you adopt that same patience and easy going nature of the past.Trying too hard and putting too much pressure on yourself will get you nowhere.And if, at the last minute, you decide you just don't have it in you, no one's night will be ruined if you don't go. You're not chasing a degree, so you can take something like pottery or bowling. Plus, nothing makes for a popular Instagram post like a clever protest sign. If so, here's a coffee and a hug, because, for reals, that seems amazingly difficult.It's better than trying to talk to people at the gym. If you're not already meeting other parents through your part-time, unpaid transportation job, consider having a few kids and their parents over to play and chat.If you have your gab session at a park, you don't even have to clean your house or make (buy) snacks.And if you're child-less, but still have a furry child (as in a cat or dog or hamster, of course — let's not get weird), try heading to a dog park.They don't want that power and you need to learn it's what's best for you too.So yeah none of this is straightforward but that's because friendships are not straightforward. I know there can be great friendships in store for you.


  1. Sep 13, 2019. We've all heard that friendship and community is important for our happiness and even our health. But many of us find it harder to make friends.

  2. Jun 16, 2015. But making friends as an adult is more like seeing the gynecologist. Find people you wouldn't mind sharing the same oxygen with and.

  3. For some reason, adult friends become much trickier than childhood friends. partner, but for some reason it's weird to say that your goal is to find a best friend.

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