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Adult dating ireland

Will those relationships flourish unassisted or simply revert to an exchange of peaches and aubergines?

At least that’s the case with the first two guinea pigs, Jason, a 30-year-old scientist, fitness fanatic and evident man-child, and Sophie, a woman in her late 20s who initially seems old before her time.

Sophie’s mother and grandmother Mary recoil early from unsolicited dick pics on Tinder.

“I don’t know why,” says Sophie, more bemused than offended.

“I’m a bit disappointed in him.” You couldn’t say that Sophie, who answers someone’s infantilising come-ons with the words “Yes, daddy”, is much more sophisticated.

Nor is the show, exactly, punctuating its footage with cascading aubergine and peach emojis, the cutesy-crude grocery of suggestion that has become the vocabulary of contemporary wooing.


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